Magnetic field, aurora, moon phases, eclipse and rockets

Pablo Iranzo Gómez

2020-02-13 22:15:00+01:00

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  • Simple talk oriented to 4 y-o children
  • Vídeos, etc have been reduced from the originals (credits in bibliography)

Magnetic Field, Aurora, Moon Phases and Rockets

Pablo Iranzo Gómez

Thursday 13th, February 2020


  • Magnetic field
    • Auroras
  • Moon-Earth-Sun movement
    • Moon phases
    • Eclipses
  • Rockets
  • End

Magnetic Field

Magnetic field surrounds us, but it’s invisible although we can detect and measure.

Easiest way to check it is to use a compass.

Note: Use magnets and compass

‘See’ the magnetic field

We can see it by using iron powder and magnets.

Note: Use magnets and iron powder

‘See’ the magnetic field 2


  • Earth has metal inside that moves and generates the magnetic field (pole)
  • Earht is also very big and generates gravity field.

Note: Vulcanos spit that inner melted materials to the surface of Earth

Solar storms, solar wind and flares

The Sun, sometines has storms and particles (debris) is launched towards earth and others with the solar wind.

Note: Analogy with water and storm

Earth’s shield

Magnetic field is Earth’s shield against solar wind.

Note: Analogy with umbrella


Auroras are created when the solar wind arrives to earth

Auroras Video


Moon-Earth-Sun movement

Earth turns around the Sun and Moon around Earth.

Note: Use 3 kids for explaining the movement and ‘eclipse’ between them

Moon phases

Depending on Moon position relative to Earth and Sun, it illuminates different fractions of it causing the phases we see:

  • New Moon
  • Crescent Moon
  • Full Moon
  • Waning moon

Note: When the moon is ‘C’-shaped, it’s in Waning phase.

Moon Phases 2


Sometimes, the Moon is between Earth and Sun - Eclipses can be total or partial

Eclipse 2

Note: Make a point on Moon round shape while it puts between Earth and Sun

Eclipse 3

Eclipse 4


Rockets fight againsts the other Earth: ‘gravity’

Moon’s gravity causes tides on Earth

Escaping Earth

In order to escape Earth, speed must be very high (40.280 km/h).

Rockets are made in ‘sections’ that can be dropped to be lighter and use less energy to lift off.

Saturn V

Take off

Trip to Moon

Going back to Earth

Going back to Earth 2




Edited/reduced from originals:



Note: Give away compass and stickers



  • Magnets + compass
  • Magnets + iron powder
  • Eclipse model
  • Ballons with wool for rocket
  • Plastic parachute