Ian, our English teacher from Tailor-Made Communication has given to us this game.

There are 5 buildings with consecutive numbers and some data to fill.

A set of clues is given in order for the reader to deduct the data and to introduce some vocabulary.

Fill-in table

Category 12 14 16 18 20
Marital status


  1. Miss Dudd owns a dog
  2. The woman at number 12 has two pets. A tortoise and a rabbit.
  3. The dog owner drinks beer.
  4. Mrs Evans is married.
  5. Mr Abraham is a widower, his neighbour is divorced.
  6. The married woman reads thriller
  7. The woman who likes coffee does not own a pet.
  8. There are five pets in Baker Street, a cat, a dog, a canary, a rabbit and a tortoise.
  9. The bachelor likes historical novels.
  10. Mr Abraham cannot read, he watches TV.
  11. The widower and the spinster like beer.
  12. Mrs Birt likes to read books by Charles Dickens.
  13. The whisky drinker owns a canary.
  14. The dog owner living next door to the bachelor is keen on love stories.
  15. Mr Charles lives between Miss Dudd and Mrs Birt
  16. The married woman drinks wine
  17. The pet at number 14 is a dog.
  18. Mr Abraham lives at number 20
  19. The dog owner and the cat owner do not live next to each other

Fold here

Fold here


Category 12 14 16 18 20
Name Mrs Evans Dudd Charles Birt Abraham
Marital status Married Spinster Bachelor Divorced Widower
Pet Tortoise and Rabbit Dog Canary XXX Cat
Book Thriller Love stories Historical novels Dickens Watches TV
Drink Wine Beer Whisky Coffee Beer

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