Today, as part of my confinement Lego catchup I was building the Lego NASA Lunar Lander Apollo 11 ūüõí.

It covered the evening after work, and have some nice details. First bags are for the lunar surface and the remainder are for the module starting with the parts which are closer to the moon surface.

It includes lots of gold-colour plates and some stickers for the external side (flag, controls of the lunar module and some external surfaces).

The module has a dual door that opens close to the ladder and the module sides can be removed and placed again easily so that the astronauts can be put there or outside.

Also, the module has two opening closets, one for the camera used to record the astronaut going down the scale :)

Hope you like it!

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Pablo Iranzo Gómez Avatar Pablo Iranzo Gómez opensource enthusiast and Lego fan doing some python simple programs like @redken_bot in telegram, etc

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