I’ve the Lego Volkswagen T1 Camper van 🛒 (which I made a MOC for at Lego T1 Trailer MOC) and just received my LED Lightning Kit 🛒 (or AliExpress 🛒) after my experience with the Bugatti Chiron one

It came with a very simple instruction manual (in comparison to the Chiron kit), and was able to have them installed within 10 minutes with minimal disruption to the pieces and powered via a power bank.

The kit contains:

  • LED for front lights (direction + main lights)
  • LED for rear lights (brake + plate)
  • LED for the ceiling (driver area and rear area)
  • USB connector

Just make sure to check the lights before starting putting them on the van… if something doesn’t work, it will take you lot of time to remove them and get replaced.

Check the results:

Hope you like it!

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Pablo Iranzo Gómez Avatar Pablo Iranzo Gómez opensource enthusiast and Lego fan doing some python simple programs like @redken_bot in telegram, etc

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