Peru for syncing specific git repository files

Peru a repository synchronizer Some projects upstream bind together lot of files which might not be of interest, but still the convenience of a git pull to get latest updates, makes you to download the whole repository for just a bunch of files or folders. For example, this website uses Pelican to generate the webpages out of markdown files. Pelican does have a rich set of plugins but all of them are in the same folder in the git checkout....

September 25, 2018 · 2 min · Pablo Iranzo Gómez

First post on Red Hat blog

New blog post! After some great help and collaboration from all the colleagues reviewing, suggesting edits, we were able to prepare a blog post on Citellus, the tool we develop as part of our daily work solving cases. Check it out at Citellus: System configuration validation tool Enjoy! (and if you do, you can Buy Me a Coffee ) Pablo

June 7, 2018 · 1 min · Pablo Iranzo Gómez

SuperSEC 2018!

Presentation at SuperSEC 2018! I’ve got a slot at SuperSEC 2018 ( Congress on secure software development, happening in Almería, Spain on the weekend on 12-13 May. I’ll be presenting on 13th may at 10:50, and the slide deck and I’ll be updating this once I get the recording URL. Some data about the event: Conference program and further data can be found at Twitter feed: Shared Pics from attendees Press coverage: https://www....

May 13, 2018 · 2 min · Pablo Iranzo Gómez 2018: Citellus - Detecting common pitfalls of deployments

Citellus: Detecting common pitfalls of deployments Recording at What is Citellus? Citellus is a framework populated by community-contributed scripts that automate detecting problems, including configuration issues, conflicts with package versions, and more. History: how did was it started? The tool, started by Robin Černín after a long weekend shift checking one and over again several sosreports for the same data on different hosts. It started with some tests + shell wrapper, and was added a python wrapper by Pablo Iranzo to bring in more powerful features....

January 27, 2018 · 8 min · Pablo Iranzo Gómez 2018!

Presentation at 2018! As highlighted in the prior edition of the ‘What’s new’, we got a slot for 2018. During that slot, my colleagues Martin, Pablo and myself were presenting on the history and basics of Citellus and how it helps on debugging issues and providing faster analysis of already known ones. It is possible to watch the recording at and the slides used at: Enjoy! (and if you do, you can Buy Me a Coffee )

January 27, 2018 · 1 min · Pablo Iranzo Gómez
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