OCS Inventory Package deployment

Introduction OCS Inventory is an excellent piece of GPL Software for getting info from hardware components, and software installed on computers running Windows or UNIX-like operating systems (there are also some unofficial clients for running on other platforms). Since New Generation (OCS-NG), a new architecture was implemented: server were contacted using standard TCP/IP connection (Previous versions, used an MDB file to store information, and required a SMB share to inventory computers ), allowing remote computers to connect as well as providing a new web interface for computer administration, and inventory query....

July 27, 2006 · 9 min · Pablo Iranzo Gómez

Jumpers Olivetti Echos P75

Olivetti Echos Family (Tested on my P75, but obtained from the Internet) (Running now at 166 MHz) Jumper Settings Processor Speed 1100 75 MHz 0000 90 MHz 0100 100 MHz 1110 100 MHz 0010 120 MHz 1111 120 MHz 0110 133 MHz 0011 150 MHz 1101 150 MHz 0001 166 MHz 0111 166 MHz Switches 1,2: Switch 1 Switch 2 Bus OFF OFF 60 OFF ON 66.6 ON OFF 20 ON ON 50 Switch 3,4:...

April 6, 2004 · 3 min · Pablo Iranzo Gómez
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