I’ve already covered some articles about automation with Travis-CI, GitHub, and one step that seems a show-stopper for many users when trying to build a website is on one side, the investment (domain, hosting, etc), the backend being used (WordPress, static generators, etc)…

While preparing a talk for a group of co-workers covering several of those aspects, I came with the idea to create Blog-o-Matic, implementing many of those ’learnings’ in a ‘canned’ way that can be easy to consume by users.

The approach

Blog-o-Matic, uses several discussed topics so far:

  • Github and GitHub Pages for hosting the source and the website
  • for automating the update and generation process
  • ‘Pelican’ for static rendering of your blog from the markdown or asciidoc articles
  • ‘Elegant’ for the ‘Theme’
  • peru for automating repository upgrades for plugins, etc

The setup process is outlined at its and just requires a few steps to setup that, from that point, will allow you to get your website published each time you commit a new document to the content folder.

You can also check the ‘generated’ website after installation via

Do not forget to update your pelican.conf file for fine-tuning and customization.

Enjoy! (and if you do, you can Buy Me a Coffee )