Who am I?

My name is Pablo and I’ve been working with opensource since before I started university.

Part of my evolution with opensource is described in this article Linux.

Since 2006 I work for Red Hat, where I started as Dedicated Enterprise Engineer (Onsite Consultant) for a contry-wide retail company with headquarters in Valencia.

After two more years visitting the biggest customers in the country, I moved to the Technical Account Manager role, where I was in charge of handling the relationship with some assigned Strategic Customers.

Shorty after my start as TAM, I started working with Cloud customers, providing support to their OpenStack deployment as Senior Cloud Technical Account Manager.

Since September 2016, I moved to a new role within the Customer Experience and Engagement organization, starting as Senior Software Maintenance Engineer - Openstack (SEG: Support Engineering Group) where I do collaborate with my colleagues handling the OpenStack support cases created in EMEA region and the global ones on Follow-The-Sun.

Since April 1st 2018, I got promoted to Principal Software Maintenance Engineer - OpenStack, where I do still work with same ‘stuff’.

Since September 1st 2018, I moved to the Solutions Engineering team, working on Kubernetes/OpenShift Federation and Quay registry among other topics.

I’m also contributing on regular basis to Citellus project to help automating diagnosis on known issues at system configuration, package sets, etc.

You can check my updated profile at LinkedIn and my current RH Certifications


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