After my post about killercoda, I did split my initial scenarios into ‘organizations’.

One of them, is in progress to get contributed upstream to KubeVirt project killercoda (still getting some reviews to land on final repo), and the other is under Citellus organization.

As the goal was not to lose visits using the prior links, I contacted the team behind killercoda Support (thanks a lot Ben!!) and the requirements to get a ‘redirect’ in place is to:

  • Remove the old folders in the killercoda-scenarios repo for your account
  • Place in the root folder a file redirect.json containing:
    "scenario": "kubevirt",
    "targetScenario": "kubevirt",
    "targetUsername": "kubevirt"
    "scenario": "citellus",
    "targetScenario": "citellus",
    "targetUsername": "citellus"

This file instructs to redirect ‘scenario’ kubevirt to another scenario (same name here), but on another username (kubevirt organization) and likewise for citellus.

The point here, is that old visitors from my prior post, going to either:

will get instead to the updated URL for both scenarios, losing no visitors and ensuring that no ‘old’ copies are around.

Enjoy! (and if you do, you can Buy Me a Coffee )