Lego Dimensions is a game for some platforms (Xbox, Wii U, PlayStation) which adds a base with NFC reader and colour LED that allows to interact with the video game from the real world.

The starter pack ‘starter pack’ has minifigs for Supercool, Batman and Gandalf plus additional blocks to ‘decorate’ the base by building a portal.

The main story is based on how those characters (Gandalf, Batman and Supercool) meet and attempt to find and rescue their friends while visiting several worlds.

The game itself, mixing both on screen play plus ‘real world’ play works via NFC interaction with tags provided for each minifigure, vehicle or gadget, allowing console to recognize which one is on the base and in which position.

Not only the base is used to add characters or vehicles to the game, it’s also used for playing, for example, freeing characters when moving them in the base, or transporting to different areas on screen, or even succeed at a puzzle moving the same character in a sequence through the base positions.

For enhancing the game, there are additional packs classified in story pack, promotional pack, team pack, fun pack or level pack which add new worlds, levels or characters depending of the different types.

Packs with vehicles or gadgets come with additional pieces that allows improving it as we get through the story and getting new instructions on screen on how to build them, being finally the console via the NFC base the one writing to the NFC Tag the improved transformation.

Starter pack

Those are the starter packs depending on the platform (as it includes the game itself):

Promotional pack

The Promotional pack adds more characters and vehicles and came with some promotions like console for a specific platform, etc:

Lego IDTypeName and linkImage
71340Promotional packSupergirl 🛒#adSupergirl
71342Promotional packGreen Arrow 🛒#adGreen Arrow

Story pack

Story pack (for all platforms) add a new portal and new play levels:

Lego IDTypeName and linkImage
71242Story packGhostbusters 🛒#adGhostbusters
71253Story packFantastic beasts 🛒#adFantastic beasts
71264Story packBatman Movie 🛒#adBatman Movie

Level pack

The Level Pack pack add new level and a new story:

Lego IDTypeName and linkImage
71201Level PackBack to the Future 🛒#adBack to the future
71202Level PackThe Simpsons 🛒#adThe Simpsons
71203Level PackPortal 2 🛒#adPortal 2
71204Level PackDr. Who 🛒#adDr. Who
71228Level PackGhostBusters 🛒#adGhostbusters
71235Level PackMidway 🛒#adMidway
71244Level PackSonic The Hedgehog 🛒#adSonic the Hedgehog
71245Level PackAdventure Time 🛒#adAdventure time
71248Level PackMission Impossible 🛒#adMission Impossible
71267Level PackThe Goonies 🛒#adThe Goonies

Team pack

The Team pack add more characters and vehicles:

Lego IDTypeName and linkImage
71205Team packJurassic World 🛒#adJurassic World
71206Team packScooby-Doo 🛒#adScooby Doo
71207Team packNinjago 🛒#adNinjago
71229Team packDC Comics 🛒#adDC Comics
71246Team packAdventure Time 🛒#adAdventure time
71247Team packHarry Potter 🛒#adHarry Potter
71255Team packTeen Titans Go! 🛒#adTeen Titans Go!
71256Team packGremlins 🛒#adGremlins
71346Team packPowerpuff girls 🛒#adPowerpuff girls

Fun pack

Fun Pack add character and a gadget or vehicle:

Lego IDTypeName and linkImage
71209Fun packWonder Woman 🛒#adWonder Woman
71210Fun packCyborg 🛒#adCyborg
71211Fun packBart Simpson 🛒#adBart Simpson
71212Fun packEmmet 🛒#adEmmet
71213Fun packBad Cop 🛒#adBad Cop
71214Fun packBenny 🛒#adBenny
71215Fun packNinjago - Jay 🛒#adNinjago Jay
71216Fun packNinjago - Nya 🛒#adNinjago Nya
71217Fun packNinjago - Zane 🛒#adNinjago Zane
71218Fun packGollum 🛒#adGollum
71219Fun packLegolas 🛒#adLegolas
71220Fun packGimli 🛒#adGimli
71221Fun packWicked witch 🛒#adWicked witch
71222Fun packChima - Laval 🛒#adChima Laval
71223Fun packChima Cragger 🛒#adChima Cragger
71227Fun packKrusty 🛒#adKrusty
71230Fun packDoc Brown 🛒#adDoc Brown
71231Fun packUnikitty 🛒#adUnikitty
71232Fun packChima - Eris 🛒#adChima Eris
71233Fun packStay Puft 🛒#adStay Puft
71234Fun packNinjago - Sensei Wu 🛒#adNinjago Wu
71236Fun packSuperman 🛒#adSuperman
71237Fun packAquaman 🛒#adAquaman
71238Fun packCyberman 🛒#adCyberman
71239Fun packNinjago - Lloyd 🛒#adNinjago Lloyd
71240Fun packDC Bane 🛒#adDC Bane
71241Fun packSlimer 🛒#adSlimer
71251Fun packA-Team 🛒#adA-Team
71257Fun packFantastic Beasts - Tina 🛒#adTina Goldstein
71258Fun packE.T.E.T.
71266Fun packLego City - Chase McCain 🛒#adChase McCain
71285Fun packAdventure Time - Marceline the Vampire Queen 🛒#adMarceline
71286Fun packKnight Rider 🛒#adKnight Rider and KITT
71287Fun packTeen Titans GO! 🛒#adTeen Titans Go
71343Fun packPowerpuff Girls - Buttercup 🛒#adPowerpuff girls Buttercup
71344Fun packExcalibur Batman 🛒#adExcalibur Batman
71348Fun packHarry Potter - Hermione Granger 🛒#adHermione Granger
71349Fun packBeetlejuice 🛒#adBeetlejuice

The video game

Game shares the Lego methodology for other games: pickup coins and break objects to find more coins or things to build for making progress in the game, but also combined with special abilities like some objects being only breakable by specific characters, etc.

If a character is required but not owned, it’s possible to rent by using some of the earned pieces that character for some time interval, allowing us to complete certain tasks and keep progressing in the stories.

Enjoy! (and if you do, you can Buy Me a Coffee )