I got some pieces that were part of a Lego Volkswagen T1 🛒#ad but couldn’t make for the complete set (which I already owned), so I was checking what mods I could build based on it, and best one, based on the amount of pieces was this one found on Rebrickable.

As I found it to be a bit sad to leave the wheel, and some other elements outside I did some minor changes:

  • Add a replacement wheel
  • Expand the area for windows so that I can add more curtains
  • Add a kitchen clock and smoke extractor
  • Lift a bit the sink so that I could put the fold-able table there
  • Put a sliding roof that can help to cover the area over the door
  • Adding a rear bumper.

The pics bellow show the evolution from the original model in Rebrickable to the changes I’ve incorporated, hope you enjoy them!

I didn’t have more pieces, but the sliding roof has a whole, so that I could replace the top area with the original ’elevating’ roof, that will be reachable from the interior trough that hole

Enjoy! (and if you do, you can Buy Me a Coffee )