I’ve the Lego Bugatti Chiron 🛒#ad (more pics at its review and just recently via a credit coupon I got a LED Lightning Kit from Lightailing 🛒#ad (or AliExpress 🛒#ad).

It came with an instruction manual with 118 steps to get them installed and a plastic box with all the components required. Power was not included as I was planning to use a power-bank.

To be honest, the installation is not hard, but neither easy, it requires being extremely careful to properly place the wires and replace the original pieces with the ones supplied (for brakes and front lights) and be careful about the laying of the wires to allow them to fit in the proper places and still have room to locate the battery box.

Mine came with two sets of LED stripes for the rear brake (the one inside the red tube), but one of them couldn’t fit the hole, so the one was used (space is so slim that was not room to pass it through it without making too much force that could break it).

The kit contains:

  • Board for connecting
  • Two wires to pass inside the red tube for rear brakes
  • Small connectors to put inside the spoiler and the rear lights
  • Front lights together with other bricks
  • USB connector

Just make sure to check the lights before starting putting them on the car… if something doesn’t work, it will take you lot of time to remove them and get replaced.

Check the results:

Enjoy! (and if you do, you can Buy Me a Coffee )