Paella Howto

This document is based on the original recipe and pictures that I gave to my colleague Miguel Pérez Colino which he assembled in an internal company document and that he kindly translated for increased reach. Ingredients A bag of vegetables for paella (garrofón, Valencian white bean; ferraura y bajoqueta, Valencian green beans with pod) Rice bomba 🛒#ad (7 handfuls) Chicken and Rabbit (700 and 400 grams) Grated tomato (The equivalent to 5 spoons) Sweet Red Paprika Powder (Pimentón Rojo 🛒#ad) Spanish Saffron 🛒#ad (300mg in threads) or E102 dye (small spoon just to the border) Olive oil 🛒#ad to stir-fry (not much, so it doesn’t get oily) Rosemary 🛒#ad Salt Water (from Valencia) Preparation A garlic clove, to be grated, must be peeled and put together with tomato....

July 8, 2012 · 3 min · Pablo Iranzo Gómez
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