This document is based on the original recipe and pictures that I gave to my colleague Miguel P茅rez Colino which he assembled in an internal company document and that he kindly translated for increased reach.



A garlic clove, to be grated, must be peeled and put together with tomato. They must be kept together until they are stir-fried.

Chicken must be sliced into small pieces.

Preparation of ingredients and tooling

Cover the floor with old magazines or newspaper to avoid stains.

Covering floor with newspapers

In parallel, prepare the pot with water to get it boiling and we start to prepare the chicken.

More newspapers


The vegetables must be boiled with water (if they are frozen) or added directly to Paella.

The pot must be filled with abundant water, a bit of salt and , if possible some Rosemary, so it enhances the taste later on.


Chicken must be stir-fried until it is well done.

Fry chicken

Boil water with vegetables

Some space is required in the centre for the tomato, do it with care as it may sputter.

Add tomato to fry it a bit

Detail of newspapers with oil stains

Using some different space the Sweet Paprika powder must be slightly fried with care, as it shouldn’t get burned, and later sauted and mixed with tomato.

The boiling water from pot, together with the vegetables, must be added up to the border of the paella, adding more spare water if it’s not enough.

Add water to Paella and let it cook

After 30 minutes boiling, when the broth has reached the level of the rivets, it must be tasted for salt, taking care that it is a bit salty, and the rice must be added.

Check water level to be under the rivets

The 7 handfuls of rice, for 4 people, must be added to the paella (another option is to make a groove with it, so that it goes 2 cm above the broth), then the saffron/dye must be added and evenly distributed around the paella with meat, etc.

It must be kept on strong fire until the rice is half cooked and rises above the broth. (about 7 minutes)

Half cooked paella with some liquid

Then the fire must be lowered for 5 minutes more, taking care on the amount of broth that, if it becomes scarce will make us lower the fire even more. Right in this moment, a bit of Rosemary can be added to the Paella.

Almost ready…

The last 3-4 minutes may end with medium to low fire depending on the amount of broth remaining.

Final paella cooking, with no more ’liquid’

Once finished, rice must be tasted, fire must be switched off, and the paella must rest for some minutes with a piece of cloth or newspapers above it if the rice was still a bit ‘hard’.

You can also become creative with the presentation once served:

Creative serving of Paella using a barrel and separating ingredients in layers

Enjoy! (and if you do, you can Buy Me a Coffee )