I’ve been building the Lego Volkswagen T2 🛒#ad and took some pics about the final result and the comparison with the T1.


  • The rear door (above the motor) dismantles itself just by looking at it, the mechanism is interesting as it uses some sticks that get inserted inside the support, but the frame holding it, specially in the upper side is really weak…
  • The sliding door on the side is nice, and has a mechanism to ‘open it’ by pushing a small button in the lower part of the van
  • The bed opens a bit better than on T1, which also was easy to get dismantled, same as the table that can be folded which is a lot nicer.
  • The details on the fridge are really nice, and the one with the gas seems just to cover the spot
  • The steering wheel is not just decorative.. as with recent Creator Expert series, it actually moves the front wheels.
  • The roof, instead of being ‘pushed’ or ‘dropped’, has a sliding mechanism that holds it to the lower part, so in order to remove it, you need to open the rear door, and then slide it out. Interestingly it also has a spring that keeps the roof open.

Enjoy! (and if you do, you can Buy Me a Coffee )